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    Uday comes home early and takes Lajjo to talk to Abhay. He tells him that all four of them should go out, Abhay tries to refuse saying that Liza is mad at him but Uday assures him that is for the best and says that he will talk to Liza. Abhay agrees.

    V’s room…

    Liza talks to Vikrant about his future plans regarding Huma. When he is confused, she becomes serious and explains that when an Indian girl falls in love then she expects to get married. Viky looks tensed but covers up by saying that he knows this but just needs some time. He adds that Huma should also think this over as it concerns her life. Liza is happy with this answer and leaves. In private, Viky is disgusted with the idea of marriage.

    As Liza leaves V’s room, she bumps in to UL who talk to her about the day out. Liza politely refuses. Lajjo is upset but Uday tells her that he has a second plan where they will kidnap Liza and take her. Lajjo says that he is a badmash. Uday smiles and comes closer to her, saying that she hasn’t seen how badmash he can be.

    Next Day…

    Liza gets a call saying that her Visa has expired and is asked to come to the embassy. Liza tells Ranbir and Rama where she is going. Rama says that she can’t go alone but Uday signals to Ranbir to let her go. Ranbir lets Liza leave and Rama is confused about what is going on.

    Later; Rekha enters the house and asks about UL. Nandu tells her that they have gone out. Rekha asks who gave them permission – Ranbir stands up and says that he gave permission. Rama tells her not to worry as the kids will return soon. But Ranbir adds that AL have also gone and will look after each other. Rama switches the topic to Rekha’s mother and leaves with Nandu.

    Ranbir stops Rekha going to her room and gives her the good news that UL’s relationship has become even more strong since she left. He warns her that no matter what anyone does, their relationship won’t break easy. Rekha smiles to herself thinking that Ranbir is so immersed in protecting UL that he won’t even realise when AL’s relationship will break.


    Liza tells the driver [actually Abhay in uniform] to go faster. He tries to make small talk with her and slips up by speaking in English. Liza is surprised but he covers up. Pehli Nazar Mein comes on and Liza is happy with the song. Abhay watches her in the rearview mirror.

    Singh house…

    Rekha goes towards V’s room and is stunned to see him with Huma. She notices Ranbir coming up the stairs and closes the door before loudly asking Naina for tea. Huma and Viky spring apart on hearing her voice and Huma hurriedly leave.


    Liza starts to lose her temper on the driver and tells him to ask directions from someone. Abhay tries to act smart and says that there are only monkeys here and offers to ask them. Uday rings him and asks if everything is going to plan. Liza scolds him and tells him to get of the mobile while he’s driving. Abhay smiles.

    Singh House…

    Rekha goes to Viky and yells at him for not knowing about anything that goes on in the house. She warns him not to delay this any longer and give Liza the drugged chocolate tonight.


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