August 20th US Written Update *Ghar Ek Sapna*

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    I apoligize in advance for spelling errors, I'm pretty new at this and also in a hurry. Hope you enjoy the recap (yes I know its very long).

    The show starts off with Devika on the phone with Vanishika. She is telling her that Samman has decided to forget her and accept Kakul. Amarnath (her Dad) walks in, and she hangs up the phone. He asks her why she does things like this, why is she setting out to destroy her own life. She says the Samman is doing an injustice against Vans, and it is Vans right to know. Amarnath tells her that Vans doesn’t care anything about her, because is she did, today Devika would be happily married instead of her parents having to constantly worry about her future. Amarnath tells her to change her habits and grow up. Then the scene shift to Vans house where she is crying in front of her dad. Saxena says that he told her that Samman would betray her, and now he does not want her to beg Samman to come back to her. Saxena says he will now do something to so bad to Samman.

    Then they show Nana trying to talk sense into Sujit. He tells Sujit to let Kakul go to her in-laws, and that let her live her life. Sujit doesn’t want to her anything, he says that ever since these people have come into their lives, his life has been a living hell. Then he blames Nana for the trouble that they are in. He says the Samman was in the morgue, and Nana should have left them there. He says that the worst that could happen was that Kakul would cry for a few days, and then this constant tension would be lifted from his and Om Shankars head. The story would be closed, and Kakul could start a new life. He says that he was so stupid to run here to Samman side, when the guy and his family don’t care about Kakul. He says that we should have let Samman die, Kakul hears the last part, and asks Sujit to finish his sentence. He yells at her to go to bed, and she leaves.

    Then it’s the ceremony day, and Shekars parents are sipping tea with Devika’s parents at her house. They ask where Kakul is, and Uttra lies and says that the girls are getting her ready. Amarnath says enough, and tells Shekar’s dad that he has a confession to make. Just then Sujit walks in and says that Amarnath-ji you are too late. He then tells Shekar’s parents, how these people kicked Kakul out of their house, how little they respected her, and that Samman has even sent her divorce papers. Furthermore he tells them that they are putting on a drama for them. Shekar’s parents are outrage and question why they lied. They said we have met Kakul, and she is such a nice girl, how could you do this to her, what kind of people are you. Shekar’s mom says that just because your son married Kakul for love, doesn’t mean you can’t respect her. Then Uttra says it was not for love, Sujit forced him at gunpoint. Sujit responds by saying that why would they, there was no other boy in this world for Om Shankar daughter? Shekars parents agree and says that is Uttra and her family can hide all this and lie to them for weeks, then they could have lied about Devika. There may be reason why at her age she isn’t married yet. They said her son would never marry a girl like that, and they walk out. Uttra cries, please don’t ruin my daughter’s future, her life will crumble, but they leave. As sujit leaves he tells Amarnath this is what they truly deserved. They were trying to decorate their daughter life with Kakul’s tears.

    AND THEN UTTRA WAKES UP, IT’S A NIGHTMARE. She is crying to Amarnath that Devika’s life is about to get ruined as kakul will not come. At Kakul’s house, she is thinking over what Sujit says, and thinks that he is right, that family has never respected them. But then she says that she promised Dadi, and that she wants all the pain that she caused to that family to go away, especially Devika’s. She says that by going there it will rid those people’s heart of hatred for her and Sujit. She says that she must go tomorrow. Samman is thinking how much he had hurt Kakul, he says that at least she deserves an apology. He thinks to himself, why does her care so much? Is for Devika or is he feeling guilty for his actions? He says that he had no right to play with someone’s emotions like he did with Kakul’s, by telling her that he loved her.​

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