Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th November 2014 Written Update

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    Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th November 2014 Written Update by Rimjhim
    Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th November 2014 Written Episode

    Scene 1:
    Location: Raj’s residence
    Madhuri and jaichand, come back with pakced suitcases and tell raj and avni, that their honeymmon has been planned for europe, by vikram, and they have to leave tomorrow. therefore they took the liberty to pakc their stuff. While raj along with them start excitedly discussing their honeymoon plans, avni gets upset, and in their excitement they dont notice that avni has left. when madhuri points it out, raj says that she must be packing up, and goes to check on her.

    Raj comes in his room, to find avni crying and tensed. He rushes to her, and asks about the problem. she hesitatingly asks him not to be angry and upset, if she says something. He asks her whats the matter, assuring her that he wont get angry. She says that she doesnt want to go, as Abhaas hasnt long been gone, and she doesnt like that its right to go and enjoy at such a time, and she heartily feels for vikram’s gesture, but what if they cant go. He silently complies. she apologises, but he says that their understanding is over this, and he isnt angry and upset at all. Asking her not to worry, and assuring her, he leaves to get the tickets cancelled, and promises to have their first wedding anniversary at Europe. He leaves. She calls devika, and tells her that raj was very understanding about all of this, and describnes as to how instead she just wants a simple honeymoon, on a bonfire, with raj, irrespective of the place. Raj hears this and smiles, as she longingly eyes rajs pics.

    Later, as she comes down, and doesnt find anyone, she presumes that Raj is angry, but is shocked to find the whole room set in European fashion. She is surprised to find raj behaving as if they already are in europe. he also makes up for snow, by the artificial machine, and avni is very happy. Avni looks up and finds raj, and blows him a kiss. She looks up again, and doesnt find him. he comess to her, and they both start dancing again. She finds every fantasy about his honeymoon fulfilled by Raj, as she revels in it. Avni sys that he must have overheard, and raj says that he knows her. She says that this is the best honeymoon. Inside, raj is praised by Madhuri for his efforts, and then complains that jaichand never did anything like that. They start fighting at to who loves pooja more. raj asks them not to disturb his honeymoon. they leave. Raj and avni are dancing romantically. Meanwhile, jaichand and madhuri find pooja missing. They search around and alarm raj and avni too, who gets tensed. Avni finds the door open, and leaves to find her. Avni comes inside, with pooja’s teddy and a letter, saying that someone has kidnapped pooja. Raj is shocked. Madhuri and jaichand are shocked to hear this too. Mahduri starts ranting pooja’s name incoherently. they all try and calm her down. Madhuri faints, and they all try and compose her, and raj says that the kidnapper has told them to wait for his call, but he decides to go and call the polcie first. jaichand says that he would give away everything to get pooja back. as a parent, jaichand is tensed, as the kidnapper threatened them not to call the police, for pooja’s sake. But raj assures him that he wont let any harm befall pooja, and shall be extra cautious. They both leave, while avni stays back with Madhuri.

    Scene 2:
    Location: Avni’s residence
    While buaji and bhawna are working in the kitchen, arpita comes and gives a letter to buaji, who is boggled, while arpita and bhawna are amused. Buaji is tensed to find that its an adoption form. bhawna says that she had asked arpita to get this form. Buaji is scared of previous experience. Arpita and Bhawna ask her not to worry, as now is the time to fill her incomplete life, and be happy herself. Buaji says that she just liked pooja, and noone else, and she cant take that out, and hence requests her not to force her, as she isnt ready mentally, to get over pooja. She then reprimands arpita harshly, that she neednt think about her welfare, as she would be wasting time. As she leaves, bhawna asks her not to get upset, and arpita says that she understands her and nomore feels bad at buaji’s words. she sends bhawna away, and tries to finish the work in the kitchen. She feels nauseous and rushes to the bathroom.

    Later, as arpita suggests her pregnancy to akshat, through infant socks and diaper, he gets super excited, and starts suggesting her diet plan, and starts on her planning for the same. Arpita asks him tocalm down, while he revels that he would make this pregnancy a very special one for her. She is overwhelmed with his excitement. In the night, akshat and arpita starts excitedly talking about this pregnancy, as to how this child shall fill up the incompleteness in the family, after abhaas’s absence. she teases him that she wanted her online friend to know about this. They both smile. They decide to tell their family about this, while akshat is over protective of her.

    Scene 3:
    Location: Avni’s and raj’s residence
    Suket and Bhawna, retire for their room, ascending the stairs, as they discuss what an ideal daughter-in-law Arpita is now, and how they have as a family, grown stronger in the past one year. They are stopped by akshat and arpita, who fight amongst themselves, as to who shall tell this news. just then, avni calls them up. Avni is extremely tensed when she talks with them. Avni tells bhawna that pooja has been kidnapped. bhawna and suket are tensed. All are shocked. Suket asks her not to be tensed, as nothing would happen to pooja, and they shall just reach there. Akshat decides to come along, but they both ask them to stay back, as there’s noone in the house. The screen freezes on Akshat’s tensed face.

    Precap: Raj and avni’s family sit together, along with Buaji, while the kidnapper emotionally blackmails them by making them hear pooja’s wailing voice, and after that demands for 1 crore, and within an hour. they are all tensed. the police immediately starts to get into action. The kidnapper also mentions, that if they were foolish enough to bring the police or even intimate them, the shall just land their hands on Pooja’s dead body. all are shocked..

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