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Discussion in 'Comedy Circus' started by Amchiimast, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Amchiimast

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    thnx a lot amchi !!!
  3. Magic Girl

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    thanks for sharing
  4. Peter0202

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    Right you are, Eliminated the best couple, poor judgement
  5. aunalimomin

    aunalimomin New Member

    Judgment smells like dislike
  6. cherr_5

    cherr_5 New Member

    very bad judgement ..... don't even feel like watching comedy circus now coz the best couple has been voted out.
  7. ~BZzone~

    ~BZzone~ Å¡ιтє α∂мιиιÅ¡тяαтσя Staff Member

    ya i agree with you Amchii
  8. shona2324

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  9. ghazal123

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    thanks for amchi. i agree this is a poor judgement.
  10. coolmasti

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    hi thx 4 the link
  11. roro143

    roro143 New Member

    Agree With You Very Stupid Jugement
  12. nikpatel2716

    nikpatel2716 New Member

    Guys, i agree with you but this is indian cinema. Everytime right people has to eleminate. Indian cinema is SUCK. Urvashi and sakill was the best couple.
  13. parag

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  15. Magic Girl

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  16. iLoveTV

    iLoveTV New Member

    Shakeel was good , but he was not the BEST..reasons..

    1) Since he is a natural entertainer, he did not work much on his scripts and his scripts were never strong..other contestents have been quite hard working..what if some were not in-born entertainers...HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS....

    2) His partner Urvashi was a 'KAMZOR KADI' (khayali was not that bad..mind it...)...

    3) he has been repeating nok-jhonk...ALWAYS...

    4) They have used words like "ZAHIL" , "KHANDAAN", "BAAP"..50-60 times in all the shows..which made their pair monotonous...

    5) Their show in the 10th episode was boring and the missing part -

    6) Judges were still very kind to them...and have always been LOGICAL..

    7) They never did anything NEW and Innovative..

    Inherent humour can take you close to VICTORY but for winning you need HARD WORK and of course LUCK too...

    Shakeel's behaviour towards judges in his last show has not been good...

    thats all.... :cool:

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