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    Second Season Storyline

    A new season of Dill Mill Gayye will start on 22nd of September 2009.

    After the leap four new interns and the old interns will become resident doctors. The new interns will be entering Sanjeevani on 22nd of September: Dr. Siddhant Modi, Dr. Tamanna Patil, Dr. Naina Mehra, Dr. Yuvraj and Dr. Jitendra Prasad.

    Sid and Tamanna will always be involved with each other in some way or the other. Sid will turn over a new leaf when he find out that his antics are putting Tamanna in trouble.

    Yuvi is the quiet one who stays away from anybody else's activities. His unique character attracts Naina to him. They will eventually turn into friends. She later on becomes the only person Yuvi trusts though they are total opposites. He is silent and speaks only truth. She is talkative and always lies. Still they gel quite well.

    Yuvi and Sid dislike each other at first but then become good friends. But later they will have a tiff and will become enemies. In the beginning, Yuvi will be Shashank's favorite. But later, Shashank influences Sid's life positively. Sid manages to impresses Shashank. This is another reason to add to Yuvi and Sid's rivalry.

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