Neha Marda becomes a Prankster on Doli Armaanon Ki!

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    Neha Marda known for essaying the character of Urmi in Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV is very upfront, stands for her rights and lives life on her own terms. This is what she looks like in the show. Well, off screen, this pretty actor is a huge prankster.
    In this candid conversation, Neha said, “It was Vibhav Roy’s (essays Ishaan) first day on the set. In terms of work, I have more experience than Vibhav. As knowing him, he is very well mannered guy. He came on the set and on the first day he asked me, ‘Should I call you ma’am or Urmi/Neha?’ I said if you talk about the age, I am younger to you but work wise, I have good enough experience. So you can call me ma’am. He started calling me ma’am.
    Suddenly while working together, he realized that we are being very comfortable. So for a scene, he went on to say, Achcha Neha, ye aisa…’ and I was like, ‘I hope you are not taking it the other way.’ You need to call me ma’am (chuckles). Vibhav is a guy who is very shy, well mannered, and soft spoken and he gets scared very soon. I created this huge drama on set like you better not cross your limits. Just because I am being comfortable on set, just because that is the chemistry we want. Off screen do not call me Neha and all (laughs). His eyes were actually in tears.â€
    Neha further continues, “The same day, he went inside to change. He saw his room was locked and hence asked my boy whether he can use my room to change. My boy opened the room for him and he changed in my room. Later, my boy came and told me that Vibhav has used my room to change. As soon as he came on the set, I actually threw a chair on his side and yelled ‘How dare you use my room without even asking me?’ (Laughs). He was like I didn’t mean to…but there is some kind of courtesy (I said). I further went on, there is a way of asking, and you should have asked me. And he literally started crying (laughs).â€
    “This is the best ragging I have do so far with someone (laughs aloud). This prank of mine wouldn’t have been so good if Vibhav wasn’t there. He is a very soft person and he is like a kid. (Laughingly), he just came up to me and said, ‘Neha don’t do this with me again.
    Had it been some other guy, he would be like what kind of joke is this?’ Vibhav actually starts stammering. He is very sweet of him to get ragged. It is only Neha now and we are buddies on et (laughs),†ends our source.
    Surely Neha, you are one kind of prankster!

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