Nexus doesn't have strengths to contend with Apple iphone 4S

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    After the launch of Google android 4. 0 and even Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the British retailer Clove has revealed the price of Nexus that is up to 514. 8 pounds after tax. In the beginning, specialists believe that Google will use Google android 4. 0 to contend with IOS 5 along with Nexus will be the one to take on the responsibility. But now, viewing from the price as well as overall performance, Nexus can't contend with Apple iphone 4S.
    As we know, Google android 4. 0 may support mobilephones, tablet computer as well as smart TELEVISION. Compared with Google android 3. 0, it's a lot more compatible. Nevertheless, I’m afraid that Nexus which has pre installed with Ice Cream Sandwich can't contend with Apple iphone 4S that has used IOS 5.
    Google android 4. 0 has been enhanced but continues to be not as good as IOS 5.
    New features such as Face Recognition, Flow Statistics, Photo editing, Voice Input really catch the attention of customers a lot. However when comparing IOS 5, they are simply small adjustments that won’t form threat to IOS 5. As for photo editing and even Voice input, IOS is obviously a lot better than Google android 4. 0. The intelligent Voice input of Siri may help customers to arrange daily activities, news reminding etc ..
    The more amazing is that Apple has always been executed far better on software optimisation. Therefore, it's a lot appealing than Google android 4. 0.
    The configuration of Nexus doesn't have strengths when comparing Apple iphone 4S
    Even though Galaxy Nexus has used 1GHz dual-core processor chip and even 1GB RAM, which appears a lot more attractive than Apple iphone 4S’ 800 MHz A5 dual-core processor chip and even 512MB RAM, actually Apple iphone 4s works far better when they all adopt its own operating-system.
    High cost will impact the sales of Nexus
    The 514. 8 pounds Nexus is actually a lot more expensive than Apple iphone 4S. So, it's very hard to contend with Apple iphone 4s despite the fact that Samsung has its own enthusiasts.
    Remarks: No matter Apple iphone 4S as well as Galaxy Nexus, there are still a few special video formats they couldn’t support. Therefore we're able to work with a video converter to convert these special videos to videos that they may support if any necessary.

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