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    Episode 1 - 22 September 2008, Monday
    Guru's wife dies in giving birth to Rano who is incessantly crying in the hospital and is suddenly quietened when kid ranbir comes to her and holds her hand, thereby estabishing their 1st karmic connection. Rano grows to 5yrs and craves for a mother. Realizing the emptiness within her, Guru decides to re-marry. However, Guru's new wife Kamla abandons Rano on her first encounter with her, leaving Rano totally devastated. Dejected, Rano walks to a railway track, oblivious to a train approaching. However, Ranbir saves her just in time from being run over. He gives her a watch to take solace in whenever in trouble, the watch snaps and while Rano is left with the dial, Ranbir with its chain - 2nd Karmic connection.

    Episode 2 - 23 September 2008, Tuesday
    Rano asks Kamla to comb her hair. Instead, Kamla ends up piercing it on Rano's hand, leaving a bruise behind. Rano silently endures. It's her birthday and Guru comes to bless her and tells Kamla to celebrate it for her, as he's leaving for haridwar. He gives Rano some money which Kamla snatches away in his absence and send Rano off with an old maid to do chores. As a dejected Rano washes utensils at a birthday party, she is suddenly mesmerised by the scale and glamor of the bash. She suddenly spots Ranbir centerstage; he spots her too and comes to her, establishing their 3rd karmic connection. He comes to know its her birthday too and has her cut a piece of cake. Rano smiles and just when she extends her hand for a handshake, Bhupinder's enters pulling the two apart - Rano-Bhupinder's 1st encounter.

    Episode 3 - 24 September 2008, Wednesday
    Kamla spots Rano with the watch and then accuses her of having robbed it and tries crushing it with her feet. Rano rebels for the 1st time and puts her hand forward instead of the watch. Rano is now 12yrs old and continues to be snubbed and ill treated by Kamla who has two sons now, and encroaches on Rano's and Guru's relationship. Mukhiya offers to go in partnership with Guru over his land, which Guru refuses. But Mukhiya bribes Kamla instead. Rano has now grown up over baisakhi celebration, her plight still the same. She has passed the B.Ed exam and Satwant predicts love coming her way. Rano goes to gurudwara to pray and is suddenly pushed aside when Bhupinder (richest and most infuential person in derabassi) and his family come over - Rano-Bhupinder's confrontation.

    Episode 4 - 25 September 2008, Thursday
    Bhupinder's family welcoming Ranbir back from hostel. Bhupinder's 3rd son Vicky flares up on hearing Rano's confrontation with his father at the gurudwara and decides to teach her a lesson. Vicky and Billa reach the marketplace in search of Rano, who is walking back with friend Vimmi after discussing future plans of internships. Ranbir is also present on his bike, wearing a helmet. Vicky spots Rano and is almost charging at her when Vimmi comes to Rano's aid and Rano runs to Ranbir who helps her escape. Rano's dupatta gets entangled in Ranbir's bracelet and she suddenly realizes the chain belongs to the dial she's had since childhood

    Episode 5 - 29 September 2008, Monday
    Rano runs off from the bike without having seen Ranbir's face. Ranbir then meets Vicky and Billa and mellows them down and they all go home. At Rano's house is Mukhiya inciting Kamla against Rano and her confrontation with Bhupinder at the gurudwara which has sullied Sukhi's job prospects with Bhupinder. A confrontation then ensues between Kamla and Rano and Guru overhears and steps in, sternly telling Muhkiya to lay off their family's personal matters. Helpless, Guru tries to convince Rano to get married and have a better life. Meanwhile, at Ranbir's place is Bhupinder telling Vicky to wait for an opportune moment to get even with Rano and snubs Ranbir for being soft in such matters. Bhupinder talks about his vision for a grand wedding for Nicky. Bebe however comments at the darker side of blood and gory that Nicky's marriage would result in, but is immediately snubbed by Bhupinder. As marriage talks progress in Rano's & Ranbir's household, we show the introduction of gullu who wants to marry Rano. Kamla visits Mukhiya and promises marriage of Rano and Gullu and accepts the 5000rs bribe that Mukhiya hands to her.

    Episode 6 - 30 September 2008, Tuesday
    Guru notices change in Kamla's behaviour towards Rano, which surprisingly seems very positive. She suggests marriage for Rano and get's miffed when she doesn't receive a positive response from Guru to pursue the issue. Bhupinder is absolutely ecstatic about some deal over the phone and then announces Ranbir's marriage with a politician's daughter, who is a divorcee, much to everyone's shock. Ranbir however keeps dreaming of the perks surrounding his wedding – a new car, new wardrobe, etc. Meanwhile Rano and Guru are suddenly shocked to find Gullu and Mukhiya at their place and Guru immediately orders Mukhiya to leave. Then ensues a confrontation between Guru and Kamla, wherein Guru is so devastated that he leaves the house almost immediately. Rano goes after him, frantically looking out for her father and finally finds him at the station. An emotional moment between the two progresses at the end of which Guru abruptly puts Rano onto a train asking her to get away from this world of misery and seek happiness elsewhere.

    Episode 7 - 01 October 2008, Wednesday
    Guru is unable to bear the remorseful turn of events and tries to commit suicide, but is stopped just in time by Rano who saves him at the nick of time. The impact of her father trying to commit suicide hits her hard and she convinces herself to do everything in her capacity to have him not hold himself responsible for Rano's plight. Preet calls up announcing her arrival in a few days as Ranbi'r family jokes about how much dowry to demand from the girl's side. How everyone responds to the news establishes Preet's hold over the family. Kamla realizes the impact of Guru trying to comit suicide on Rano, and begins to blackmail Rano into marrying Gullu for her father's peace of mind. Rano aggress to marry Gullu, and just when she is about to slide the engagement ring on Gullu's finger, Guru comes in orders Rano to stop right there.

    Episode 8 - 02 October 2008, Thursday
    Guru is furious at the turn of events and stops the engagement ceremony midway and throws Mukhiya and his family out of the house. Mukhiya gets all unnerved as Bhupinder's men come and demand that he meets Bhupinder right away, who orders him to get the land arranged as early as possible. Sanyal and Arti come for engagement with Ranbir. Ranbir isn't comfortable with Arti's overt display of affection and begins to get convinced by Bebe who encourages him to escape this mess and run away. Meanwhile, Guru comes and hands Rano money for her internship and necessary documents and with nimmi leave for the bus station. As Rano gets on to the bus, we reveal Preet reaching the station and Ranbir trying to flee. The moment Preet reaches the haveli and asks for Ranbir, all are stunned as Vicky comes informing that Ranbir has run away.

    Episode 9 - 06 October 2008, Monday
    Guru is furious at the turn of events and stops the engagement ceremony midway and throws Mukhiya and his family out of the house. Mukhiya gets all unnerved as Bhupinder’s men come and demand that he meets Bhupinder right away, who orders him to get the land arranged as early as possible. Bebe encourages Ranbir to escape and run away. Meanwhile, Guru comes and hands Rano money for her internship and necessary documents. Rano and Ranbir leave.

    Episode 10 - 07 October 2008, Tuesday
    Guru, Nimmi see off Rano who is on her way to Dharamshala. Ranbir along with his friends is on his way to Dharamshala too. Bhupinder holds Bebe responsible Ranbir running away. Meanwhile Rano is lost in thoughts on the bus to Dharamshala and is suddenly shaken out of her reverie as the bus tyre punctures due to Ranbir and his friends creating havoc around. This delay results in Rano reaching late to college and thus unable to gets her forms submitted. She goes to a hotel to stay over, and there happens another hit and miss situation with Ranbir who is present there with his friends.

    Episode 11 - 08 October 2008, Wednesday
    Ranbir goes off on his jeep, the tyre throwing dust off on Rano’s face, but he’s oblivious to her predict. Furious, she goes to the hotel to pay in advance and realizes the money Guru gave her has been stolen, not knowing it was Kamla who flicked it in her absence. Alone and depressed, she calls Nimmi and asks her to come down with money, and suddenly meets her bus partner there at the hotel – Preeto - who happens to be the hotel owner and allows Rano to stay over. Rano calls Guru and is just about to confess to him about the stolen money, but realizes in time about Kamla overhearing their conversation from a parallel line. Bhupinder is striking a deal with them for fixing guddo’s marriage. Rano and Nimmi in Dharamshala see Ranbir and friends having fun at the expense of underprivileged children, Rano goes to confront the group and there Rano and Ranbir meet face to face for the first time.

    Episode 12 - 09 October 2008, Thursday
    Rano and Ranbir have a confrontation Rano gets the police involved. Ranbir however gets away by bribing the cop who’s trying to play moral police. Bhupinder calls up and asks the reason as to why he eloped. Ranbir lies. Bhupinder tells him once Guddo’s engagement is fixed, he should be back home. Guru misses Rano, shares his feeling with Fauji. Nimmi informs Rano that her cousin Simmi will come with money. Rano is relieved. Simmi comes with money. Rano and Simmi go to office to get the form to stay in the hostel. An office executive gives the form and says that it needs to be signed by bhaiji. Rano goes and finds it’s the same guy whom she had handed him to the police. Rano tears the form.

    Episode 13 - 13 October 2008, Monday
    Ranbir tells Rano that he will only sign the form if she agrees to hold her ears and play a murga in front of everyone. Rano however tears the form and throws it on his face instead, leaving him utterly humiliated. Meanwhile back in Dera Bassi fauji’s temper hits an extreme high as he finds mukhiya as his people forcing villagers to surrender the land and is almost about to get physically violent when guru comes and stops him from over reacting. Guru inspires everyone to stand up against this harassment that forces Mukhiya and his people to leave. Rano is holding her first lecture and begins with introductions, when she’s suddenly shocked to find ranbir and his friends as her students who end up mocking her in front of the entire class. Ranbir goes to extreme levels of ego clashes as he publically brands Rano as a demented murderer by putting up false posters of her all over the place stating the same. Rano is shocked as she finds the same posters of her in stuck in college and tears it off in anger.

    Episode 14 - 14 October 2008, Tuesday
    Rano’s college authorities are swayed by the false posters and warn her they might have to take action against her if the matter isn’t resolved. The pubic disgrace she goes through drives her to a suicide point, where she breaks down longing for Guru. Guru enquires about Rano’s wellbeing and is relieved thinking she’s well settled. Rano meets Ranbir there who mocks her advising her to go back and ensures that he wouldn’t let her stick around for long. Mukhiya incites Vicky to take action against Guru to secure guddo’s marriage and win Bhupinder’s faith in his abilities, but Vicky is snubbed by rajinder and Bebe who tell him to have a hold on his impulsive tendencies instead. Bebe is glad that ranbir isn’t that way. Rano calls Guru asking for help but Kamla takes charge and doesn’t let father daughter converse. She goes back to her room and is surprised to find Ranbir in there, and realizes that she was actually staying in his room instead. Ranbir mocks her again and Rano leaves.

    Episode 15 - 15 October 2008, Wednesday
    Bebe calls Ranbir and tells him to come back. Ranbir refuses saying he has to first settle scores with Rano instead. Bebe then blames ranbir for his insensitivity towards a helpless girl and that sets him thinking. He goes and gives Rano a bundle of cash and reminds her again that he would put an end to this game if only Rano will play a murga in front of his friends and apologize. Rano throws the cash on his face smashing his ego once again. A drunken Sukhi reaches home late and is confronted by Guru and Sukhi tells him to sell his land. Guru has none of it and states that his land belongs to Rano after his demise, leading to a flare up between the two and fauji tries to mellow guru. Mukhiya and gullu take Sukhi to BSM’s house and he’s mesmerized by the wealth and class and meets Guddo there and he begins to eye her for the family she belongs to. Meanwhile, Rano agrees to do as Ranbir wants her to, to have her form signed, leaving Ranbir totally shocked and uncomfortable about her sudden change in behaviour and causing her embarrassment in public. He signs the form.

    Episode 16 - 16 October 2008, Thursday
    Ranbir’s friends tease him on the way he reacted and how rano stunned him and he kept mum, but he laughs it off saying this is just the beginning between the two. Rano calls Nimmi and tells her how Ranbir signed the form, nimmi tells her about the grand mela in dera bassi and asks rano to come for it, which rano refuses. BSM household meanwhile is making lavish preparations for the dera bassi mela, showering expensive gifts on each other. Bebe calls Ranbir and demands that he apologizes to Rano for his behaviour. Then ensues a chain of events, with sorry posters thronging the college walls, ranbir dancing for rano and finally ranbir going on a hunger strike just to win rano’s sympathy. Back in dera bassi, guru tells fauji that he hopes to have his land transferred in rano’s name, sukhi overhears this and smiles to himself thinking about his plan of action – guddo. The early morning prabhat feri happens where the class divide is heightened further as BSM family enters. Sukhi and Guddo have a moment there, and Nimmi taunts Vicky about being violent by nature and being a part of something so solemn, getting Vicky all aggressive. Bebe prays at the steps of gurudwara, if rano is the one for ranbir then she’d better be the bahu of the BSM family, and mystically a fruit falls from Guru’s hands into her hands justifying the karmic connection.

    Episode 17 - 20 October 2008, Monday
    Ranbir goes on a hunger strike to win Rano's sympathy, and has the entire college and staff talking about it and even simmi develops a soft corner for him. However Rano is unmoved and ends up exposing ranbir eating on the sly. Back in dera bassi Vicky and Nimmi have a clash, and guddo and sukhi have another sweet moment where sukhi offers her cotton candy. Bebe calls Ranbir and tells him to apologize with all sincerity to Rano. Rano announces a college picnic in class but specifies that absentees will not be allowed to go for it, knowing very well that ranbir wasn't present in class. Ranbir suddenly enters the class and begs to be taken along, but Rano has none of it. Back in the room simmi tells Rano how cute she thinks Ranbir is , but Rano walks away holding the watch in her hands. As she strolls outside she hears a beautiful piece of music of someone strumming the guitar. Mesmerized, she walks in the direction of the music and is shocked to find Ranbir there playing the guitar.

    Episode 18 - 21 October 2008, Tuesday
    Rano gets to leave but Ranbir catches her by the arm asking her the reason for her hatred towards him, but Rano simply walks away. In the Dera Bassi mela, Vicky is revealed as the winner of last years boxing championship, but nimmi laughing at him with her friends irks him once again. Bebe notices guddo having gone missing from the mela and Shanno goes in search for her. Guddo is with Sukhi and gives him money to buy the magic tash, but they run away as shanno comes looking for her. guru sees it happen but looses them in the crowd. Sukhi has guddo promise him to meet him daily and continue giving him money for the magical tricks he shows her. Guddo promises to do so and not divulge this to BSM family. However, just then Guru catches hold of Sukhi and takes him home and guddo returns to her family and lies about her whereabouts. In Dehradun, Ranbir takes everyone by a surprise by catching Sunny by the collar as he teases him on being defeated by Rano. He goes to rano's room at night and shocks Simmi and her, and then throws an open challenge to Rano stating that there's nothing that can stop him from going for the picnic.

    Episode 19 - 22 October 2008, Wednesday
    Rano is left feeling infuriated at Ranbir's nerve. Simmi wants to praise Ranbir's style but doesn't seeing Rano's reaction, and realizes that her hatred for him will never change. Back in Dera Bassi, Kamla returns as Guru is screaming at Sukhi warning him about Guddo's brothers and BSM household's reaction if they get to know Sukhi was with their guddo. Kamla gets the truth out of sukhi and praises him for being such a far sighted opportunist. Bhupinder scolds bebe and the bahus for being reckless with guddo, but melts when he sees guddo sitting aloof. He pampers her and just then is informed that Snyal has come to meet him. Sanyal tells Bhupinder that guddo will be married to his son only if Ranbir is married to his divorcee daughter. Bhupinder invites him for the mela and Sanyal replied saying it's the land that he's more concerned about. Bhupidner send rajinder to get ranbir, which gets Bebe nervous. Rano is happily on the way to the picnic spot, in the bus, unaware that Ranbir is sitting on the roof. Ranbir gets in the bus wearing a burkha and sits next to Rano, who sleeps on his shoulder, oblivious to who he is. At the mela, Sukhi looses to Vicky to win Guddo's heart. Rajinder reaches dharamshala and learns ranbir has gone for a picnic, Bhupinder furious and says he wants Ranbir anyhow. At a stop over, Rano drifts away to a secluded spot and ranbir follows. He begins to click her pics inspite of her protests. The wind almost lifts up his burkha and Rano is just about to see Ranbir's face.

    Episode 20 - 23 October 2008, Thursday
    A strong gush of wind almost blows off the veil from Ranbir's face but Ranbir has a narrow escape as Rano misses seeing the face behind the burqa which is Ranbir's. At the camp fire, all students and staff are allotted their tents and Ranbir chooses to share it with Rano. When in the tent with her, Ranbir gets all fidgety and unnerved as Rano begins to change into her nightwear in his presence and shies away from looking at her. He feels her beauty for the first time. Rano innocently gets comfortable with Ranbir who she thinks is a woman, and shares glimpses of her life with him, about her family and so does Ranbir childishly open upto her. In the morning the batch goes for trekking but Ranbir acts difficult pretending to be unable to climb and suggests taking the highway instead. Ranbir Rano alone on the highway are attacked by rouges who harass Rano and Ranbir is forced to throw away his veil and protect Rano from being molested. Rano is left spellbound on discovering Ranbir as the face behind the burqa but is left with no option but to escape with him away from the goons who begin chasing the two. However, they are caught by one of the menacing goons who Ranbir had beaten up and the sinister rouge almost kills Ranbir and then gives Ranbir Rano a choice – to choose which one of the two prefers to die.
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    Episode 21 - 27 October 2008, Monday

    Episode 22 - 30 October 2008, Thursday
    Ranbir manages to sneak up on the roof of the bus, rano unaware of this. In derabassi there is kusti fight with Sukhi and Vicky where Sukhi gives in Guddo’s wishes [that her brother, Vicky should win] and looses the fight.

    Episode 23 - 03 November 2008, Monday
    Change of bus due to breakdown. Ranbir plays mischief by throwing a plastic lizard on Rano from the roof and she lets out a scream and wonders where it came from. Kamla meets Mukhiya while looking for Sukhi and bluffs him by calling out to Guru so that he doesn't suspect her intentions on Guddo-Sukhi. Encourages Sukhi to try his charms on Guddo to have her in love with him. Soon, Ranbir gets in the bus wearing a burqa and sits next to Rano, who sleeps on his shoulder, oblivious to who he is. Sunny and friends get to know that the lady in the burqa is noone but Ranbir himself. At a stop over, Rano drifts away to a secluded spot and ranbir follows. He begins to click her pics inspite of her protests. The wind almost lifts up his burqa and Rano is just about to see Ranbir's face. A strong gush of wind almost blows off the veil from Ranbir's face but Ranbir has a narrow escape as Rano misses seeing the face behind the burqa which is Ranbir's. At the camp fire, all students and staff are allotted their tents and Ranbir chooses to share it with Rano, taking everyone by a surprise.

    Episode 24 - 04 November 2008, Tuesday
    When in the tent with her, Ranbir (as ruksana) refuses to take out his veil saying that he's waiting for his heartthrob to go it for him, and that he hopes she'd be like rano. Rano feels funny about ranbir (ruksana's) way of talking. Ranbir suddenly gets all fidgety and unnerved as Rano begins to change into her nightwear in his presence and he shies away from looking at her. He feels her beauty for the first time. Rano innocently gets comfortable with Ranbir who she thinks is a woman, and shares glimpses of her life with him, about her family as ranbir reads her hand and so does ranbir reveal bits about his life. In the morning the batch goes for trekking but Ranbir acts difficult pretending to be unable to climb and suggests taking the highway instead. Ranbir Rano alone on the highway are attacked by rouges who harass Rano and Ranbir is forced to throw away his veil and protect Rano from being molested. Rano is left spellbound on discovering Ranbir as the face behind the burqa. Ranbir suddenly punches the guy in his face and both run off, we freeze on the goon bleeding from his mouth.

    Episode 25 - 05 November 2008, Wednesday
    The chase ensues. Rano is thoroughly miffed with Ranbir for having gotten her in this mess. She's even embarrassed about Ranbir having seen her change while spending the night with her in the tent. The goons get close and Ranbir Rano fall into a pit and Ranbir covers themselves with leaves. At the camp Sunny prevents MrsShukla and Mishraji from taking any action about Rano going missing since he knows Ranbir must be upto something. Ranbir and Rano come out of their hideout and begin walking, fighting on the way, Rano holding Ranbir responsible for her plight. Just then, they are caught by the menacing goon who Ranbir had beaten up and the sinister rouge handcuffs them. He then kills his aide, who was trying to mellow him down, all in a fit of rage, taking everyone by a surprise. He then gives Ranbir and Rano 10 secs to decide which one of the two chooses to die.

    Episode 26 - 06 November 2008, Thursday
    Ranbir puts Rano forward shocking her completely and then does a somersault and hits the pistol and the goon, injuring him hard and both flee from the spot, with the goons after them. Ranbir protects Rano and ends up hurting himself while coming down the slope. They land up in a temple, and then follows a series of cute encounters between the two as they're handcuffed. Rano is furious over ranbir being responsible for the turn of events and begins to walk out, only to realize that the goons have reached the mandir looking out for them. Ranbir pulls Rano to him and she holds herself close to his chest. This fear leads to intimate moments between Ranbir and Rano and they have a hit and miss with the goons who then leave and go elsewhere in search of them. Rano tries to light up a lamp and can't wait to get out. However, circumstances prevent the two from setting out and Ranbir then tells Rano that it's better they spend the night in the mandir, much to Rano's dismay.

    Episode 27 - 01 December 2008, Monday
    Ranbir and Rano are forced to spend the night in the cave to save themselves from the goons. Rano is worried while Ranbir is enjoying the situation…and there are cute moments between the two. Rajinder informs B.S.Mann that he couldn’t get Ranbir with him as he has gone off in school picnic and his phone is switched off. Sanyaal threatens Mann in undertone that Ranbir has to get married to Aarti. Sukhi and Guddo fix a date to meet but Bebe gets suspicious hearing the conversation. When she calls back on same number Kamla acts as Guddo’s friend and saves the situation. Kamla conspires with Sukhi. Mukhiya gets suspicious of Kamla’s activity because of her evasive replies. In the cave, Rano and Ranbir try to sleep. Ranbir lights up a fire for Rano because she is shivering due to cold. When both are deep in their sleep, a snake comes and bites Ranbir. We introduce Preet here who gets the feel that something is not right with Ranbir and she shrieks---“Ranbir”.

    Episode 28 - 02 December 2008, Tuesday
    Preet calls up at haveli and asks about Ranbir. Everyone is scared and her terror is revealed on everyone’s psyche. Mann informs her about Ranbir and she says she will come home. In the cave, Rano sucks out the poison from snake bite till Ranbir is ok but she faints. The watch slips from her hand to nearby hay stack. Ranbir realizes that Rano has saved his life. And the ice between them starts to thaw. Meanwhile in BSM haveli everybody is busy doing up the haveli for Preet’s arrival. Preet reaches haveli. Everyone welcomes her in grand manner but she is quite angry that nobody has found out about Ranbir till now. Shanno says that it might be a case of love. Preet fumes in anger and declares that there is no place for love in this house. Preet is into tarot reading and she has diya with her that depicts her source of power.

    Episode 29 - 03 December 2008, Wednesday
    Preet gives deadline to her brothers that she wants Ranbir in next 24 hrs. She learns from BSM that Bebe is behind all this. She confronts Bebe and tells her clearly to follow to what she says. Rano and Ranbir are now looking out as to how to get this handcuff broken and on their way to look for blacksmith, they have nice and sweet moments. Rano realizes that Ranbir has developed soft feelings for her. She tells him that she is waiting for someone, whose gift she carries with her all the time. Here at Guru comes to know that Rano is missing when the principal calls at home and Kamla tries to hide it. There is confrontation between the two. Guru and Fauji leave to search for Rano. Ranbir and Rano go to a blacksmith for getting their handcuffs broken, but they runaway when Ranbir hears a news flash about him being missing at blacksmith’s place. Preet is informed that Ranbir is found with a girl and she burns the love card.

    Episode 30 - 04 December 2008, Thursday
    Ranbir and Rano run and reach at market place. Rano from PCO calls at home. Kamla attends the call and pretends not to hear because of network disturbance. Meanwhile Preet along with her brothers has reached the blacksmith’s place and learns that the name of the girl with whom Ranbir was seen is Rano. Preet leaves for to look for them but gets stuck in traffic jam due to landslide. Guru and Fauji are also stuck in same jam and there is dramatic hit and miss situation. Ranbir and Rano takes shelter in a cottage where both cook food and again cute moments between them. They go off to sleep. Rano gets a reverie where Ranbir is kissing her but when her reverie breaks in the mid of the night she finds Ranbir missing. She wonders as to how he got free from handcuff and she finds him lying outside, injured and senseless.
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    Episode 31 - 08 December 2008, Monday
    Rano comes out of cottage to find Ranbir, unconscious. She tries to revive him but fails and runs to get help. Meanwhile Preet and her brothers are looking for Ranbir. When Ranbir comes back to his sense, he finds goons approaching. He leaves a message on the ground---Bhaag jao. They take Ranbir away with them. Rano gets a hakim but when she comes there, Ranbir is not there. She sees the message. Preet gets a call from Sanyaal informing that Ranbir has been captured by some goons who are demanding ransom. Rano manages to reach the goon’s den and overhears the goon talking to someone about ransom for Ranbir and if anything goes wrong, he will kill Ranbir. Rano brings Ranbir back to his senses and in process, Rano’s watch falls. Ranbir spots the watch and Rano spots the chain and they realize that they have been waiting for same person all these years. A highly emotional moment.

    Episode 32 - 09 December 2008, Tuesday
    Ranbir and Rano escape from the goons den and reach a rivulet. Ranbir admits that he had the key to handcuff all along but he never told her as he wanted her company and also explains how he got injured. Even as they are talking, Ranbir faints suddenly because of the effect of snake’s bite. Rano goes for help and she reaches mandir. Panditaeen helps her and brings ranbir and makes him drink jadi-buti. Then panditaeen gives Rano a diya saying it’s testing period for her and tells Rano to keep the flame of diya burning for ranbirs life till morning. Here Preet reaches the place where Ranbir was kept captive and they learn that Ranbir is not there. Sanyaal comes and gets the goon arrested. Rano safeguards the diya all night from extinguishing. Ranbir gets up fine in the morning and they both pray in front of Mata-rani and in the process, the pooja thaal slips out of Ranbir’s thaal and gullal falls on Rano’s maang as sindoor.

    Episode 33 - 10 December 2008, Wednesday
    There are intense moments between Ranbir-rano. Ranbir plans to give Rano a surprise and when he goes out in garden to make heart out of rose petals that Preet and brothers reach there and take him away. Rano comes to know that Ranbir has left with relatives. She runs towards that direction frantically when she bumps into Guru and fauji’s jeep. Here in the car Ranbir tries to convince Preet to meet Rano as he can’t leave without telling her. Preet tries to convincing him but he jumps off the car and rushes towards the mandir only to find that Rano has already left. Kamla and mukhiya on the other hand are screaming again to get Rano married to Gullu. Sad moments between Ranbir and Rano. Both are missing each other. Both their vehicles come next to each other with Ranbir and Rano sitting in opposite sides of window. A hit n miss situation where Rano’s dupatta which Ranbir is carrying flows and covers Rano’s face.

    Episode 34 - 11 December 2008, Thursday
    BSM family is excited when they hear Ranbir is coming, whereas Kamla curses when she comes to know of Rano’s arrival. We show the contrast in the way both are treated at their home. Ranbir is welcomed with rituals and everyone fusses over him but he is very dejected. On the other hand Rano is welcomed with Kamla’s harsh word and a fight ensues between Guru and Kamla. Preet fixes a date for Ranbir’s engagement with Aarti, Sanyaal’s daughter. Ranbir refuses Preet in front of everybody and declares his love for Rano. There is huge argument between Preet and Ranbir. Kamla on the other hand questions Rano about her absence and creates drama. She abuses and stamps over rano’s hand, while she is protects chain that had fell while Kamla was torturing her. Kamla then notices the sindoor in Rano’s maang and when Kamla tries to wipe it out Rano stops her hand in the mid air.

    Episode 35 - 15 December 2008, Monday
    Rano holds kamla’s hand and doesn’t let her wipe off the sindoor. This creates chaos. Guru is also shocked and angry. Preet emotionally blackmails Ranbeer for getting him married to Aarti , asking him to do it for his sister guddo’s sake. Guddo goes to Sukhi’s house to share this news where kamla instigates her to marry sukhi instead. Mukhiya spots Sukhi and Guddo together and gets suspicious. Both the bhabhis try to cheer up Ranbeer and throw an idea that he can find Rano’s address through his college’s administrative documents. Preet overhears.

    Episode 36 - 16 December 2008, Tuesday
    Ranbir calls up college and learns that a fire in college has destroyed all the administrative documents. Fauji convinces Guru that he should help Rano in finding Ranbeer as she has got love for the first time apart from him. Preet invites Sanyal with his daughter Aarti to her home. Mukhiya meets her and she gives him a task to complete. Rano and Nimmi reach gurudwara. Ranbir also reaches there at the same time with Shanno. Rano spots him and runs after him but loses him in the crowd and breaks down.

    Episode 37 - 17 December 2008, Wednesday
    Rano cries her heart out and Kamla adds more to her plight by dragging her away to home. Kamla tells guru that she will get Rano married to Gullu as things are getting out of control and soon people will start to talk. Preet informs everyone that Sanyal is coming for dinner. Ranbir is adamant with his stand for not marrying Aarti. Preet gives Ranbir ten days to find Rano and if he fails he will have to marry Aarti. Ranbir accepts her condition. Rano is sure now that Ranbir is in same town and with confidence and determination walks to the place where they had met for the first time. She starts walking on the track believing that he will come and save him just like the past. Life and death situation. Someone pushes her off the track and we show its Ranbir.

    Episode 38 - 18 December 2008, Thursday
    At the tracks its Guru who has saved Rano’s life and not Ranbir. Emotional moment between the two. In Ranbir’s household everyone welcomes Sanyaal and Aarti. Just when they reach there, Guddo runs away from the home. She reaches Sukhi’s house and informs Kamla about her marriage thing. Ranbir and Rano are pining for each other. Sanyaal leaves with his daughter and son after waiting long for Guddo. BSM family is tensed as to where is Guddo? Kamla brings Guddo back. Preet thanks Kamla for what she did. Kamla then tells Preet that she has come to ask for guddo’s hand for Sukhi. All are shocked. Preet does not react. But when Kamla offers sweet to Preet, she throws the thaal away and asks her brothers to throw Kamla out of the house. Kamla challenges Preet that one day she will come to her doorstep asking for Sukhi’s hand for Guddo.

    Episode 39 - 22 December 2008, Monday
    Kamla is insulted by Preet. Kamla challenges Preet that one day she herself will come to her for Guddo and Sukhi’s marriage. Rano tells her father everything about Ranbir. Guru realizes the love and promises to speak to Kamla regarding her marriage. Preet asks her brother to find out about Sukhi. Ranbir and Rano are pining for each other. Rano comes out with Nimmi with some sheets of paper with Ranbir-Rano scribbled in it. Here, Ranbir too scribbles Ranbir-Rano. And so happens that there is strong gush of wind and both of their papers fly and magically cross each other.

    Episode 40 - 23 December 2008, Tuesday
    Rano and Ranbir rush to collect it. Ranbir spots a girl running after paper that is flying outside his window but cant make out the face. Gullu gets one sheet of the paper scribbled by Rano. In scuffle the paper tears and the part where Rano had written Ranbir comes in Rano’s hand and Gullu has the piece where Rano is written. Gullo throws the paper away. Mukhiya informs Preet about Sukhi that he is station master’s son, with whom they had been struggling to get the land. In Kamla’s house, Kamla gives Mukhiya evasive replies which make him more suspicious. Meanwhile Shanno and Ranbeer are on their way to Peer Baba. Ranbir spots the same half torn paper Rano’s name scribbled on it. He realizes that Rano stays nearby only. He starts to hunt for her door to door. Here, Rano too has come to meet the same baba. Ranbir while on hunting reaches Rano’s house, hollers for her when Gullo informs that Rano is not there.

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