Shakeel and Urvashi Out Worst decision

Discussion in 'Comedy Circus' started by dilsee, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. dilsee

    dilsee New Member

    I think shakeel is very disappointed because his jodi never get full marks as they are the best jodi in all.
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  2. Fahad_16

    Fahad_16 New Member

    True even these judges can't match Shakeel. NONE OF THESE JUDGES can match shakeel.
  3. arisshek

    arisshek New Member


    Win or Loose is part of the game. Certainely Shakeel was doing well except the last episode which take them out. By the way existing 2 pair were out of the tournament and has been recall by the organizer. so they know whom they want.

  4. happyboy

    happyboy Banned

    i agree man shakeel is the champion i tihnk they know he is good thats why they never give him full makrs so and he got dissappointed and he gave bad performance in the las episode . The jugdes the are not of his level
  5. suny1234

    suny1234 New Member

    these judges just read the script , for thier Job
  6. happyboy

    happyboy Banned

    unfair decision the judge are maniac
  7. logo2

    logo2 New Member

    comedy circus has lost its light with the elimination of urvashi and shakeel. Neither does Swapnil/VIP, Karishma/Khayali or Ali/Kashif match the intensity and the one word punches shakeel throws. Its now a biased game. The winner of this is going to be Swapnil/VIP or Karishma/Khayali.....

    What a bunch of crap these judges bring into the show. Its all politics...
  8. zargham81

    zargham81 New Member

    I am quite sure that shakeel will be back in the show. To me its just the slogan the modern producers believe in "controversy sells". So guys just take a chill pill its all part of the "rating tactics", shakeel will be back in about a week or two.
  9. iLoveTV

    iLoveTV New Member

    Shakeel was good , but he was not the BEST..reasons..

    1) Since he is a natural entertainer, he did not work much on his scripts and his scripts were never strong..other contestents have been quite hard working..what if some were not in-born entertainers...HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS....

    2) His partner Urvashi was a 'KAMZOR KADI' (khayali was not that bad..mind it...)...

    3) he has been repeating nok-jhonk...ALWAYS...

    4) They have used words like "ZAHIL" , "KHANDAAN", "BAAP"..50-60 times in all the shows..which made their pair monotonous...

    5) Their show in the 10th episode was boring and the missing part -

    6) Judges were still very kind to them...and have always been LOGICAL..

    7) They never did anything NEW and Innovative..

    Inherent humour can take you close to VICTORY but for winning you need HARD WORK and of course LUCK too...

    Shakeel's behaviour towards judges in his last show has not been good...

    thats all....:cool:

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