The 5 best acceptance speeches at Oscars 2015

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    Being in Dolby Theatre on February 22 was moment of the year for everyone sitting in those red chairs. That atmosphere is enough to overwhelm you, unless you are Meryl Streep and you are nominated for a whopping 19th time! Imagine how the Oscar winners must have felt when they took got up on that stage to accept their awards. No matter how many times they might have practised in front of the mirror, in those few emotionally charged minutes few manage to deliver some heartwarming speeches. Here are best acceptance speeches from the winners of the day—
    JK Simmons — Best supporting actor for Whiplash
    He thanked his wife for giving him ‘above average children’ and asked everyone to call their parents.
    Patricia Arquette— Best supporting actress for Boyhood
    Arquette’s demand for equal pay to female artists elicited a strong reaction from Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez.
    Pawel Pawlikowski —Best foreign language film for Ida
    Academy orchestra tried to end director Pawlikowski’s speech. Twice! But the director couldn’t be stopped.
    John Legend and Common — Best original song for ‘Glory’ from Selma
    “When people are marching to our song, we want to say we are with you, we see you and march oneâ€
    Graham Moore — Best adapted screenplay for The Imitation Game
    Moore talked about his attempted suicide and reached out in his speech to all those who felt they didn’t fit in the regular mould of society.

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