The best way to alter MTS to MPEG?

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    MTS is a HIGH DEFINITION video format which is well-accepted nowadays. Videos recorded by Sony HIGH DEFINITION DV or simply other HIGH DEFINITION DVs are always displayed as this video format. This kind of video usually adopts H. 264 video coding as well as AC-3 audio coding. The resolution will be 1920* 1080 or simply 1440*1080. While on the other hane, MPEG is a video format widely used on VCD, DAB as well as DVB. Hence, today we will have a look at the best way to transform MTS to MPEG.
    Please follow the below steps:
    Step 1: please download a video converter as well as set it up.
    Step 2: start the video converter and also click the add icon to input the MTS video. You are able to click the buttons underneath the view screen to preview the video.
    Just select the output video format as MPEG as well as choose a folder for the output video. Next, press “Settings†to undertake the audio as well as video settings of the created video. MPEG?
    Step 3: then just click “Tool†-“Options†to modify the connection, general, thumbnail as well as conversion.
    Step 4: now, you might click the edit icon to edit the video.
    You are able to trim as well as crop video here as well as set the display effects and also watermark for the created video.
    Step 5: after all the settings, just click the convert icon to start the MTS to MPEG conversion.
    It’s better to choose “Open the output folder after conversionâ€. In this way, when the conversion has been done, the video converter will automatically open the folder where the output video is for you.

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